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Most Trusted Name in Duluth!

Xpress Locksmith is a name trusted all around Duluth for providing quality and timely solutions for all types of locksmith emergencies relating to safe. We provide some of the best quality safes that you might come across in entire Georgia. We offer a wide variety of services that include safe opening, safe servicing, safe installation, safe restoration, lost safe key situations and so on. You can always expect Xpress Locksmith to be there when you are in the middle of a safe emergency. We provide 24 hours emergency safe locksmith support in and around Duluth.

We started our journey as a small locksmith firm situated in the heart of Duluth, manufacturing safes for the needs of the people around. Our story began 18 years ago, building 5 safes a day in a rental unit. With our hard work and commitment to providing the best quality, services and reliability, we now manufacture highest number of safes in and around Duluth. We are the most trusted name in Duluth for safe locksmith services today. We deliver our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Give us a call on 404-649-0193 and our locksmiths will reach your location in less than 30 minutes to help you out with your safe emergency!

Safe Emergency? Call 404-649-0193

If you find your safe is giving you a hard time every time you try and unlock it, know that your safe needs some serious servicing. Give Xpress locksmith a call on 404-649-0193 and we will help you out with our latest technology equipments. We are masters of safes and can open any type of safes, irrespective of their type and make. With our latest technology hardware and technologies, unlocking a safe without putting a single dent on it is very much possible. All our emergency mobile vans carry all the required equipments for your locked out safes and safe servicing, so that we don’t waste time in going back and forth for getting tools from main office.

Your Safety is Our Priority!

You know you are in the safe hands when you are with Xpress Locksmith. We understand the importance of the safety of our customers. All our locksmiths are certified professionals and go through a strict back ground check before we hire them. Our locksmiths are masters of their craft and they are well capable of solving any emergency with the same efficiency!

Give us a call on 404-649-0193 for all your safe locksmith needs and know that we’ve got your back

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